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A picture is worth a thousand words -- this is definitely true. Sometimes, a picture can accurately capture emotions which cannot be expressed in words and freeze them for keepsake. In today's digital era, we have easy access to technology for photography but when it comes to important events it pays to have a professional photographer onboard. Michael Rolt family photographer London is a top recommendation in this regard. It is very difficult job to find a photographer like Michael.Rolt hails from London and is skilled in both photography and videography. He has worked on projects for reputed brands like Nike, Senturion, Birdseye, Faberge, etc. He also has experience of working with a number of fashion publications and Freelancer Club . Being a London portrait photographer Michael Rolt undertakes both editorial/PR projects and privately commissioned ones.

Hiring a professional photographer such as Michael Rolt who can produce consistent results is important and rewarding.You can also hire good and professional photographer from freelancer photographer jobs . Rolt offers quality results through adaptability, consistency and an in-depth knowledge of photography. By using cutting edge professional photography equipment, the results are comparatively better than those produced by low end consumer cameras. Thus, it is worthwhile to invest in getting a professional and experienced photographer onboard for your project, especially if it is your brand that is in question. Professionals can take photographs which help your brand stand out or make you look good in case of non-commercial projects.

Rolt is best known for his shots of The Who, a legendary rock band. He also works with musicians and creative artists from various fields. Although Rolt may travel often, he considers London to be his favorite, which is why he moved to the city after spending more than a decade in the interiors of Northamptonshire countryside. Michael is also adept at lifestyle and fashion photography.

Of course, in order to capture fabulous photographs, simply having an expert photographer in place isn't sufficient. The subjects or individuals being photographed also need to be prepared for the photography session; after all, it is a team effort. Rolf helps his clients relax and enjoy the photo shoot by prepping them in advance for the session with tips and guidance.

Being a renowned family photographer, Rolf is an expert at capturing moving and awe-inspiring pictures of family in a relaxed setting. Family photo shoots by Rolf are both fun and productive. Rolf takes care of the entire process from the start to the finish, i.e. from prepping of the family members for the photo shoot session to the main shoot to the post-shoot editing and developing processes. You can count on Rolf to provide you with a high quality family portfolio with beautiful photographs that you can cherish with your family for years to come.

The vision of TLC, is simple, capturing the perfect moment anytime, anywhere.  As an on-location photographer, I can specialize in weddings, portraits, and gallery photographs.  My services enables me to give the best possible results, as well as artistic forms of photography. 
In essence, I can turn your photos into having the look of a painting, create sepia portraits, all black and white photographs or some with a touch of color and a number of other combinations. 

The unique digital features are my prized elements allowing us to create the perfect frozen moment for anyone, along with budget conscience pricing and a variety of payment options.

Credit Cards Now Accepted!

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We also deal in gallery art that maintains Butte's influence of the area, along with some other interesting concepts.

All photographs are for sale that are in our Gallery section.  Please call for information.


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